Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rich Harrill's Columbia, South Carolina, USA

About Me

Hi, I'm Dr. Rich Harrill, a proud South Carolina native and a Research Professor in Hospitality and Tourism at the University of South Carolina.  This short blog will tell you a little bit of who I am, where I've been, and where I live.

With former South Carolina Governor and current United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley presenting a tourism award to one of our students.

Great Partners!  Duke Energy and the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor.
Lecturing at Shandong University, Jinan, China
My Desert Dawg Alter Ego:  Just a funny shot from Oman.
Behind my Camel,  Oman

In the magical blue city of Chefchauoen, Morroco

Blue door and steps, Chefchauoen, Morroco
Chefchauon, Morroco

Fried guinea pig from Quito, Ecuador or Cuy anyone? (Tastes like rabbit lol)

Geared up to snorkel in the Galapagos

Spelunking in the Galapagos, descending into a cave

Spelunking is the sport or practice of exploration or studying caves

My going away party from a semester residency at the University of Aruba

My University of Aruba students

First mate for a day, Aruba

Chillin' in an Aruban Fisherman's shack on the beach
Eagle Beach, Aruba

The Punta Cana study abroad--this particular place is known as the Natural Pool--a large, shallow spot in the ocean

On the golf course at Punta Cana

Egypt is not the only country will pyramids--these smaller pyramids are found in Meroe, Sudan.
Lost in the Souk, Sana'a, Yemen
Sana'a, Yemen at Night

Another phenomenal building achievement you may recognize

Doing my Indiana Jones thing in Antigua, Guatemala

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo:  The World's Largest Pedestrian Crossing

Ben and Me
London's Best Fish and Chips, Mate
Tuna Can Buddha
Buddha sculpture from tuna fish cans, Hong Kong airport

Ronald McDonald, Bangkok, Thailand
OK, I was confused there for a minute lol

An Ancient Art, Dominican Republic
Can You Show Me the Sparkle of Your China? 
(Name that Lyric)

Frogmore Stew or Lowcountry Boil?
Paella, Spain
Colorful Curacao
Hong Kong Harbor at Dusk
Hong Kong at Night

It's Columbia Not Colombia
I love walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and vibrant downtowns.  In the past I have been lucky enough to live in Harleston Village in downtown Charleston and the Virginia-Highland District of Atlanta.  I moved to downtown Columbia, South Carolina in March 2005 and have been there ever since, living in the Tapp's Building--a cool, converted department store.  These are just a few photos of my neighborhood and sweet pad.  C'mon in!
Living Room

Bowl from One Eared Cow, glassblowers, in foreground
"Monday Afternoon"
No, I'm not a DJ (lol) but I do own about 1,000 vinyl albums, most of them jazz (with house, lounge, and disco mixed in for good measure) from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.   Lucky enough to live in a city with one of the best record shops in the U.S.--Papa Jazz Record Shoppe.  
Lots of art, books, and records.  The art is by well-known Atlanta artist Lorraine Brennan.  Lorraine specializes in imaginative figurative art that fits in quite well with the style of my apartment I term "global contemporary" or "world beat." 

In all my travels, I always like to pay a little extra for those unique, one-of-a-kind items, e.g., crafts, paintings, and sculptures that remind me of a great trip.
"Floating Toward the Light"
My favorite chair with warm Alpaca blankets from Ecuador
A Few of My Favorite Things
Cheap Tip for Cool Art:  Go on Ebay and buy a poster for a buck or two then frame it.
A Chinese Chest from the early 1900s.  Purchased by a great uncle in the Panama Canal Zone where he was working as an engineer and building the canal. 
Putting items on top of the cabinets raise the eyes and elevate the room.
Massing oriental rugs can add volume and interest to otherwise plain flooring.
I love jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson
Some prints mixed in with the oils--mostly
Second bedroom converted into office space
"The Energy of Love"
"Plie I"
Contemporary Chinese tapestry 
My office at the University of South Carolina in the old Carolina Coliseum downtown
"Mothers, Daughters & Sons of Saltillo, Mexico I"
Lorraine Brennan
"Mothers, Daughters & Sons of Saltillo, Mexico II"
Lorraine Brennan
Downtown Columbia is becoming rather eventful.
Older buildings in downtown are being converted into new businesses like Cowboy--a Brazilian steakhouse.
Cafes are starting to appear in infill space.
Two blocks from the Tapp's Building is the gorgeous Sheraton Hotel in the renovated 1913 Palmetto Building
A gorgeous building I call the "townhall" of downtown--be sure to check out the Vault and Rooftop Bars
 Hotel owner and good friend Rick Patel